White marble has been attracting people for decades. Rewind to history, and you'll find traces in some of the most popular monuments, with the legacy and charm being carried on to the present day. The marble gives off a luxe and classy vibe that’s unmatched. Are you thinking of marble countertops and backsplashes made of white marble, especially white marble flooring? You are not sure if it’s the right plan? 

Ahead, we have rounded up some tips to keep in the back of your mind while choosing a white marble tile slab for multiple applications.

5 Pro Tips By Experts For Choosing White Marble Tiles

If you choose wisely and take the right care, white marble is a beautiful and functional investment for your space. Just keep in mind these 5 tips by experts while shopping for white marble. Keep reading! 

  1. Stick With White Marble If Your Major Concern is Stains

To begin with, the color white, among countless other colors, comes to mind whenever the word marble is mentioned. Right? Even if there are many options available, choose white marble, especially for kitchen countertops, as the acid can leave a stain that is less obvious on a white surface.

  1. Always Consider The Overall Look

Though white can have endless color possibilities in terms of shades, always opt with an overall look in mind. The end result should complement what already exists in the space. Understanding the vein pattern is also a crucial tip in artfully placing the marbles to create an interior that aligns with your vision. 

  1. Different Marble Finishes

The marble industry today is undergoing a huge technological transformation, resulting in many different finishes. Still, polished, glossy, and honed are among the most popular choices that people prefer. Choose the one that fulfills your purpose. Different finishes might result in fluctuations in marble prices. 

Tip: If you are concerned about acid etching, go with a honed finish. 

  1. Consider How Different White Marble Slabs Will Be Joined

You must be aware that no marble slabs are alike. There must be an informed consideration into thinking how different white marble slabs will be joined together so the design doesn’t go haywire. Give your 100% in book-matching the marble to let it come up beautifully and visually put together. 

  1. Must Look At The Edges of The Countertops

It’s a completely feasible plan to carve the edges of marble. Always go with an easy edge, as per the experts, among various edge options. Why? An easy edge wipes out the sharpness. Apart from an easy edge, bullnose is yet another popular choice among homeowners. Bullnose features the design of a half-circle.

Wrapping Up

What do you think about these tips for choosing white marble tiles? Did you find them helpful? These tips are super beneficial in helping you ace the white marble game in your interiors. 

If you are up for buying high-quality white marble at a competitive marble tiles price, A-Class Marbles has your needs sorted. Additionally, our team will also guide you through in and out to help you make an informed choice.

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